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The Museum’s creation is credited to Howard and Elsie Weldon. The Weldons were avid car enthusiasts, and collected many cars, license plates, and other automobilia throughout their lives. Howard was also very interested in starting a museum that would detail the beginnings and growth of the Baltimore area, and so approached the Griley Memorial Library in 1976 with the idea of starting a museum in the basement of the Griley home, and thus the Baltimore Community Museum was born.


As the museum's collection grew, Howard Weldon and the Library Board, which included Howard Brown, Chalmer Haynes, and Ed Sands, began a fund to construct a new museum building. The group of men raised the proposed $40,000 from the community of 3,200 residents, and the museum was built in 1984. In 1992, the Museum Board determined an addition needed to be built, and thanks to a generous donation from Ed Sands, the addition was dedicated in 1993.


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