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The Poplar Creek School was also referred to as Sub-district #4 in the roster of Liberty Township’s schools in 1897. Land for the school house was donated by the Brumbach family on the east and the Zerkle family on the west. This occurred in 1826, but the land transfer indicates the land was to be used as a cemetery, school, and for religious and social purposes. Gravestones in the cemetery date to as early as 1812.


The present school building was constructed in 1884. Prior to this building, however, two other school houses had previously existed. In 1852, the first school house was built about a half mile east of the current site, on present-day Smurr Farm. This building had no floors except for where the teacher's desk stood. The walls were not plastered, and the seats were made of lathe and the desks of rough lumber. The building was later sold and moved to True Farm.


The second school house was built in 1858, at the present location of Poplar Creek School, facing north. This building was later torn down. As history has it, the current building was constructed in 1884 using materials from the second building. Flooring and other materials were repurposed. The school bell was added in 1894, and it is still intact and functional today. If you visit, be sure to give it a ring! The school closed in 1928, and the building was then used for PTA meetings and other similar events. It sold in 1938 to multiple owners and the name was changed to the Poplar Creek Community Club.

Other clubs and organizations have used the facility over the years. Currently, the Baltimore Community Museum manages the property and grounds. With gratitude, the museum would like to thank the Ed Sands Fund for its continued support to preserve this beautiful piece of history.


Private tours and events can be scheduled at the school house, which is located at the corner of Route 256 and Heimberger Road NW. For more information, please contact the museum.


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