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Griley House Rentals

  • Consumption of intoxicating beverages, alcohol, or illegal drugs is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds.

  • No one shall indulge in indecent or disorderly conduct.

  • Smoking is not permitted in the buildings.

  • Children must be supervised by responsible adults at all times.

  • Anyone using the facilities is responsible for any damage during their use of said facilities.

  • The Baltimore Area Museum Corporation and its board of directors will not assume responsibility for accidents or loss of property from anyone using the facilities. Visitors are encouraged to report any potential problems.

  • Any use of the facilities involving singing or music (church services, revival meetings, etc.) will not be permitted
    without complete board approval.

  • Consideration of the tenants who reside in the Griley apartment on the second floor of the house will be
    a factor in the approval of rental activities.

  • The area between the Griley home and the garage is reserved for tenant parking and access to the museum.
    Renters of the Griley will need to park in available street spaces and in the library parking subject to library hours
    of operation. There is absolutely no parking in the circle drive or on the lawn.

  • Rental hours will end in the evening at 10:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday, and 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.

  • Refreshments and food may be served if provided by the renters. The sink and refrigerator are available for use,
    but must be cleaned at the end of the rental.

  • All areas of the facilities must be clean and all trash disposed of properly.

  • Approximately 40 chairs are available for use. Please check with the contact person concerning chair and table requirements. Folding tables are available upon request. Any additional table and chairs may be provided by the renters.

  • The phone in the Griley home is for emergency use only. No long distance call can be made from the phone.

  • Violations of these rules may result in the banishment from the facilities.


Upon leaving the facilities:

  • Turn out all lights.

  • Set the thermostat to 60 degrees in winter. Turn off the air conditioning in the summer.

  • Clean out the refrigerator. Remove all items brought by the renters.

  • Floors should be clean and all furniture returned to its original location.

  • All trash must be removed by the renter and placed in the cart.


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