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Baseball, Ohio (Part 2)

Writer's note: In the last installment of the "Baseball, Ohio" story, we examined the community split over the name for the newly merged villages of Baltimore and Basilin 1947. The name drawing the most attention was "Baseball." We have examined part of the pro 'Baseball" side offered by the residents in 1947. This installment will look at the reasons in opposition offered by a former resident who maintained some investment in the community.

On March 20, 1947, the Retain the Name "Baltimore" Committee ran this advertisement in the Twin City News.

(On March 20, 1947, the Retain the Name "Baltimore"

Committee ran this advertisement in the Twin City News.)

Twin City News, June 5, 1947

I wonder whether the good people of Basil-Baltimore care to know what some people outside their splendid community, but who are deeply interested, think of the proposal to put the name Baseball on their town for all time to come? This writer has money invested there and for personal reasons is very much interested in the future of the town. Many people have relations there and are interested too, may be able to look at the situation in a different light compared to those in the midst of the fray. Having followed every word printed in the News on the same matter, I draw the following suggestions: 1. Do the people stop to think of the embarrassment their children will experience when they go away to college or to work, and when they have to say they are from Baseball, to have teachers, employers and others grin and laugh and say, "What kind of place is that? Whoever gave the place that kind of name? Do they live on baseballs there, etc., etc.?" 2. The arguments put forth in favor of the name, mostly have no bearing on the question. One advertiser spoke of majority rule, and that is a duty to follow the majority for the sake of unity. (Writer's note: For years, the masthead of the Twin City News included, "In Unity There Is Strength.") Majority rule in a political election has no comparison with the matter. After an election the losing party continues in existence and plans for the next election. One should not be called on every few years to vote on a name of a place. There will be no unity in a matter like this so long as many feel embarrassed and sensitive about living in a place with such a peculiar name. Then it is notable throughout history the majority groups are so often wrong. (Writer's note: By the date of this Twin City News edition, Baseball had clearly become the community's favorite choice for the renaming of the pending legal merger of Basil and Baltimore.) 3. One advertisement said that Baltimore, Maryland, might have been Baseball if the founder had been named Lord Baseball. This is quite beside the point and we do not know that it would have been true. Cricket is the favorite game in England, and football is popular. No towns there have these names, according to the most complete atlas I can find.

(The Retain the Name "Baltimore" Committee mailed

these cards to citizens of Baltimore on March 22, 1947.)


(Writer's note: In the next installment, we will complete this former resident's plea to resist Baseball as the name for the new community.)

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