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Baseball, Ohio (Part 16)

Twin City News

December 24, 1947

James Temple Editor

(Chicago Man) Still Goes By Name Of "Basil "

By Lewis Keith Cook

"A Chicago citizen is troubled about the town (Basil) name. He had promised his mother to hold a re-christening ceremony when the name was changed (to Baltimore).

'Blendon' did not sound like a boy's name. 'Baseball' was no more suitable than the 'lost' boy found here some years ago trying to escape 'America Fourth-of-July ' considered his name. Our Chicago friend was named for Basil.

His situation is critical for his wife and mother as they plan a twentieth wedding anniversary celebration January first. He wants 'an honest name' for the occasion. A groom should know his name on his silver wedding. His son and daughter are old enough to be sensitive of a father lacking a name, or uncertain of his name.

The seceders trying to 'free' Basil might save him , but not by January first.

His wife...'one of the good-looking Creed girls,' lived in Baltimore for a time. But even she questions the advisability of suddenly changing her husband's name from Basil to Baltimore just at this time of family celebration.

Meanwhile our friend is going about under his second choice name: Arthur. ('Any suggestions may be sent to Basil Arthur Hensel at 6119 Cornelia Avenue, Chicago, Illinois."

(Writer's note: "All I want for Christmas and my New Year Resolution is my first name!)

Jim N. Reed


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