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Baseball, Ohio (Part 15)

(Writer's Note: Readers of the Baseball, Ohio Story undoubtedly discovered the date error that appeared in the very first sentence in the opening writer's note in Part 14 last week. Judge Earl D. Parker had set November-not September- 12, 1947, as the deadline for his decision in the case of the village name to be used for the annexation of Basil to Baltimore. In Part 15 we will visit the post-decision period of unrest, Baltimore's broken promise and Basil's threat of secession from the annexation. The TCN was now owned by James Temple after his purchase from the Conovers.)

December 4, 1947

Twin City News

James Temple Editor (This was Temple's first issue.)

Action on Name Controversy To Be Decided Monday Night:


A mass meeting has been arranged for 8:p.m. Monday at the VFW hall by the Citizen's Committee to decide on the next move in the situation surrounding the annexation of Basil to Baltimore. Ed Sands, chairman of the Citizen's Committee, says that 'from what has happened in court it is up to the Basil people to make the next move.' ...The annexation proceedings which started over two years ago reached a climax recently in the Fairfield County Common Pleas Court with an outside judge ruling that Baseball was out as a name for the community. The original proposition upon which the electors of Basil voted called for the annexation of the two towns provided the name was changed. The mass meeting... to make a decision on one of three or more alternatives, according to Mr. Sands. They are: 1. Start a petition for a new name. 2. Drop the dispute and accept the name Baltimore. 3. Start proceedings to withdraw (secession). Mr. Sands states whatever the majority wants will be done."

December 11, 1947

Twin City News

Start Petition To Withdraw From Village of Baltimore...Basil Group Votes To Secede From Corporation

"Petitions providing for the detachment of the former community of Basil from the corporation of Baltimore are being circulated following a mass meeting Monday night when a group of former Basil citizens voted to 'cecede.' (sp) The petitions , being circulated by a new committee headed by Ed Sands, will require electors of the former Village of Basil. Upon the presentation to the Council of the Village of Baltimore, the council will be asked to pass an ordinance providing for the separation of the former territory of Basil. The next step would be the approval of the Fairfield County Commissioners. The signers of the petition must own land in the territory to be separated which would become a separate township and then would be re-incorporated as the Village of Basil...The motion to secede made by John Grube and seconded by Roy Gierhart, came only after a lengthy discussion in which all citizens present at the meeting had expressed their opinions. The general feelings of those at the meeting was that if it was not possible to agree on a name for the biggest village in Fairfield County, it would not be possible to agree on any other municipal affair. The vote was 36 for secession and seven against. Ed Sands...reported that the court case for changing the name of 'Baseball' was lost because the statutes were not clear as to how a town should change its name...Ed Sands said that Judge Parker had asked if there was a chance for a compromise, and that he was told by opposing council that there was not. He (Sands) also said that he had a telephone conversation with M.D. Custer, chairman of the Fairfield Paper Company and the board of directors. Mr. Custer said that he stood on his testimony in court and that for business reasons he was in favor of Baltimore. He (Sands) ended his discussion with the showing of two petitions for withdrawal which a committee of businessmen had drawn up. (Albert Murphy was the next speaker... (Writer's note: Murphy represented those few who were opposed to the secession.) He (Murphy) advised the assembled citizens to weigh carefully the advantages to be secured by staying united against the disadvantage which would result from withdrawing."


Jim N. Reed

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