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Baseball, Ohio (Part 4)

Writer's note: In Part 4 of the story of the Baltimore and Basil merger, we will complete the letter from the former resident with interests remaining in the community and an avid opponent of the name "Baseball." Then we will examine some of the suggested names offered by interested residents and outsiders. These merger name suggestions were made in 1947 in numerous editions of the Twin City News, published in Baltimore since 1887.


In a paid advertisement letter appearing in the June 5, 1947, issue of the Twin City News, there were offered eight reasons as to why "Baseball" was an unacceptable merger name. Here are the final two reasons:

"7. Suggestion: Why not have a town meeting and soberly discuss this terribly important matter? Take straw votes on different names. Discuss the kind of community you desire to build and what you want it to be known for. How about Fairland, Fairton, Fairmore, Bamore?

"8. Will teachers, pastors, and others be eager to come to a place with such a name as in proposed? How will they feel when asked by their friends to explain such a name?

"Paid Advertisement"

The following is a listing of names offered for the merger from January through June:

Blendon; Twinton; Silmore; Fair City; Fairco; Baseball; Twindale; Twin Glen; Fairmore; Severville; Ellyew; Bamore; Fairton; Fairland; Balsam; Basilmore;

Basalt; Liberty Union; United We Stand; Beautiful

A call to vote featuring some of the names suggested for the newly merged town

and encouraging voters to write in their own choices.


Writer's note: Stay tuned for the detailed origins of the suggested names. Readers with memories of other recommendations for a merger name are welcome to send them to Jim N. Reed at

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